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Indrani Perera (Sinhala:ඉන්ද්‍රානි පෙරේරා: born 15 February), is a Sri Lankan singer and playback singer.[1] Indrani along with Clarence Wijewardena and Annesley Malewana are known as “The Original Sinhala Pop Trio”.[2]

She was born on 15 February in Borella as the second of the family.[3] Her father, Abeypala Perera was a Buddhist and mother, Muriel Perera was a Christian. She has one elder sister, Mallika and one younger sister, Iranganie. Indrani completed education from Presbyterian School in Regent Street.[4] She studied Kandyan Dancing in the school.[5] Her sister Mallika has been singing since 1965 where she was the playback singer for the film Sama.[6]

She is married to James Sri Nivasan in 1979.[7] She met him during the production of his song Ha Ha Hore Danuna, where he was the Lotus Disc producer.[4] The couple has one daughter, Anjalie Charukeshi and one son, Pastor Nimendra Dhananjaya.[5] Nimendra is married to Roshani. He went to St. Thomas’ College. After that he studied A/L at the Royal Institute. Later in 2009, Nimendra obtained a degree in Business Studies.[6] (Read More)